Donegal Hospice:

Donegal Hospice is to be found in a modern purpose-built building situated in restful grounds at Knocknamona in Letterkenny. Here, a multi disciplinary team of professionals support the medical and nursing staff in providing palliative care to the residents of its six bedrooms and two apartments. The needs of residents’ families are also catered for at this local hospice. Although a palliative home care service has been provided in Co Donegal since 1989, the hospice itself was not opened until February 2003 and since then the services have been in great demand from people throughout the county.

A quote from Vincent O’Rourke Snr about Donegal Hospice

“During his illness, Vincent had regular visits from a palliative care nurse, who worked closely with the Donegal Hospice. She was very attentive to Vincent’s needs but beyond that she took time to talk with the family, to allow us to better understand our feelings and to help us come to terms with Vincent’s illness.  When his illness progressed to the point where he needed to move to the Hospice, she gently nudged both him and us in that direction. He resisted initially (as did we) but she convinced him to go in for assessment and a review of his treatment to ensure that he would be pain free. He agreed to go for a few days but he quickly realised that it was where he needed to be and asked to stay. In the Donegal Hospice, the combination of expert medical care and genuinely compassionate highly motivated staff gave Vincent the emotional and psychological security to face his last few days, pain free, without fear and surrounded by family and friends. We will never forget what the Donegal Hospice did for him and for us.”


Macmillan Cancer Support:

When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. Whether it’s concerns about who you can talk to, planning for the extra costs or what to do about work, at Macmillan we understand how a cancer diagnosis can take over everything.

That’s why we’re here. We provide support that helps people take back control of their lives. But right now, we can’t reach everyone who needs us. We need your help to make sure that people affected by cancer get the support they need to face the toughest fight of their life. No one should face cancer alone, and with your support no one will.

To get involved, call 0300 1000 200 today. And please remember, we’re here for you too. If you’d like support, information or just to chat, call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visit